Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blindfolded and dreaming

There was an old balloonwallah who used to stand beside the stairs of Ambuja. We used to meet on those stairs everyday after college hours. He used to smile at us.We were 6 guys and 2 gals. It has been many days. We all have taken our seperate routes. Last time when I visited the stairs alone, the balloon wallah

was gone. My friends we gone. I bought a pack of cigerattes and started smoking. I was never a chain smoker but stiing on those stairs made me one.I smoked five cigerattes at a stretch My hands were trembling. I realized that I have come so far that tears will simply not come.

I saw the good old Arambagh stall in front of me. The guy has changed. The look of the stall remains the same. This was the place where we used to have our lunch. At 5 in the evening. Chicken burger. Only 10 bucks. I feel so ashamed. I have grown old. I have grown fat. I drink a lot nowadays. It has become a habit. Yesterday was fun.Yesterday I was happy. I went forward and bought one chicken burger. 20 bucks. It tastes pathetic, but I feel so good. It tastes like home.

A new group has come. They are sitting on the stairs. I guess life is a cycle and every thing has to end someday. The others will have their turn.

Kolkata is the place where I want to be. Forever. Even if I have to sacrifice all the gold and diamonds of my life. My lust. I will sit here again. Watch the vehicles pass by EM By Pass. I will stare at the young ladies and think of my past, when I was someone. I had friends. Now all I have is silence.

Posted by Anindya(10.3.2010)
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  1. akhon akta cha wala o ase ciggarate biri nie. R arambag er buy one get one offer ta nei. Jeta nimu r tor sobche priyo chilo.[:)]

  2. Ekhon notun dol notun offer khuje pabe thik amader moto. :)